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The Rumble in Rio is a phenomenal and action packed fund-raising event. Watch as firefighters and police officers battle in the ring for charity, this is an event the whole family can enjoy and it supports a great cause.

The boxing event will feature bouts with police officers and firefighters throughout New Mexico duking it out, all for the children. Rumble in Rio is an organization that raises money for the Jim Franklin Bike Give-away Program that donates hundreds of bicycles to under-privileged children throughout the state of New Mexico each year. Through sponsors and donations the Rumble in Rio is able to also provide donations to many school programs and children-related organizations. Since our inception, we have donated over 8,212 bikes and have made 4,787 dollars in donations.  

The Rumble in Rio has been around since 2004. It's founder, Jim Franklin, would build bikes that were left in the department impound lot. Jim would rebuild them and make them new to pass out to under-privileged children in the community. The Rumble in Rio is proud to carry on Jim's traditions. 

We would like to thank all sponsors and the community for the continued support that you have given the Rumble in Rio. This year we hope to see you there. Don’t miss this event, it will be a knockout!


If you would like to volunteer with the Rumble in Rio please let us know. We are looking for members of Public Safety and the community to help us continue to grow and reach out to as many children as we can. Volunteer opportunities will be throughout the year. We have many events that we attend, which range from marketing events, Rio Rancho Pork n' Brew, parades, conferences and more.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating please email us at

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Who will be the winners for this years event? POLICE or FIRE


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